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A-AUDIO/VIDEO resources
AUDIO/VIDEO: Multimedia learning resources from The Media Giraffe Project
By MGP Staff
Jan 23, 2008, 10:21

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The Media Giraffe Project is developing a rich archive of multimedia resources from our events and our interviews with "giraffe prospects." These resources are in use by prospective citizen journalists and by media and journalism educators. Most may be freely streamed or downloaded at no cost. If you would like a copy of one or more QuickTime files on a computer-readible CD-ROM, we can make and send them for a $14.95 shipping and handling fee per disk. For specific inquires, email or phone 413-577-4370.

The resources are currently available at several places (we hope to consolidate and improve this presentation in the future):

  • PROFILES AUDIO/VIDEO -- Dozens of MGP "giraffe prospect" profiles are accompanied by either audio or video resources. Some of the resources were produced by the project, and others are merely links to publicly available multimedia resources we judge to be useful in understanding the prospect's motivation or work.  You can browse the audio resources at  THIS LINK and the video resources at THIS LINK.  Or you can free-text search on a particular profile by name or affiliation, and see if the profile page indicates multimedia is available.
  • THE NEW PAMPHLETEERS -- The Media Giraffe Project has produced an 80-minute narrative video: "The New Pamphleteers: Entrepreneurs, watchdogs and citizens in the digital age." This is available on DVD. For program details and to puchase a DVD copy immediately online by credit card for $9.95, go to THIS PAGE.
  • Conference/event proceedings -- 2006 -- Extensive streaming video of many of the panels and presentations from the MGP2006 conference at UMass Amherst June 29-July 2, 2006 ("Democracy & Independent: Sharing News & Politics in a Connected World") are linked from THIS PAGE.  If you have QuickTime on your computer each file should launch a short time after clicking. 
  • DC conference/event proceedings -- 2007 -- The opening session of "the Journalism That Matters-The DC Sessions,"  event Aug. 7-8, 2007 The George Washington University, organized by the Media Giraffe Project,  may be streamed via, or may be purchased for $14.95 immediately via credit card on the web as a fully edited DVD from THIS PAGE.  In addition, many of the sessions at GWU were audiotaped and may be downloaded as MP3 podcasts or streamed online from THIS LOCATION.
  • GIRAFFES AT WORK -- Interviews --  The Media Giraffe Project is developing an archive of interviews with "giraffe prospects" -- individuals making innovative use of media and technology to foster participatory democracy and community. These typically-unedited interviews, running up to an hour, are available for video streaming, and in some cases audio streaming and download, at the "mgpaudio" blog.   Individual interviews may be purchased as medium-resolution QuickTime files on CD-ROM for $9.50 shipped. Email a request to
  • Giraffe news and profiles -- Short-form -- Short form audio and video interviews with "giraffe prospects" or coverage of other newsworthy events or products, are available for streaming at the MGP resource blog indexed as multimedia content.  GO HERE.
  • Audio excerts: and iBrattleboro --  Interviews with the founders of two of the earliest and most-cited local-online community news websites -- in Camden-Rockland, Maine . . . and iBrattleboro in Brattleboro, Vt. have been edited to topical video excerpts. They may be downloaded as QuickTime from the links below.


If your computer has RealPlayer, Apple QuickTime or WindowsMedia Player linked to your browser, clicking on the audio description hotline below will launch the MP3 file. Or right click to download for later listening. Clicking on the ORGANIZATION name will bring you to its "Giraffe prospect" database listing.

Organization: iBRATTLEBORO, Brattleboro, Vt. (USA)



  iBrattleboro: The change in the Vermont media market, as of June 29, 2005  (Chris Grotke-1:45 minutes)

  How iBrattleboro's founders got started (Chris Grotke-4:02 minutes)

  iBrattleboro: Serving as watching, encouraging citizen participation
(Chris Grotke-5:11 minutes)

  iBrattleboro's inspiration: Old newspapers
(Chris Grotke_57 seconds)

  What motivated iBrattleboro's founders?
(Chris Grotke-1:00 minutes)

  Media consolidation prompted Lise LePage to start with no advertising but a handout.
(Lise LePage-1:09 minutes)

Organization: VILLAGE SOUP, Camden, Maine (USA)

VIDEO OVERVIEW: Showing businesses a new main street
VIDEO: Why licensing Village Soup is the endgame
VIDEO: A chamber executive talks about Village Soup


  Why Village Soup must be licensed
(Rich Anderson, VillageSoup founder-1:19 minutes)

  On the risk of starting a local news website and weekly newspapers
(Rich Anderson, VillageSoup founder-2:06 minutes)

  Weeklies may thrive in new media environment
(Derek Anderson, VillageSoup publisher-1:33 minutes)

  Village Soup is a first read for everyone
(Auto dealer Tammy Kolmosky-2:31 minutes)

  Soup enlivens civic discourse but also roughens it
(Rockland Town Manager Tom Hall-4:13 minutes)

  Soup replaces radio for breaking news
(Rockland chamber leader Bob Hastings-5:31 minutes)

  Soup is replicatable and survives competition
(Ex-publisher Rusty Brace-4.14 minutes)

  Why starting a daily would not work
(Village Soup founder Rich Anderson-1:25 minutes)

  Why print advertisers joined up and vice versa
(Village Soup GM Derek Anderson-17 seconds)

  Passionate selling required for the web
(Village Soup founder Rich Anderson-1:49 minutes)

  Why print advertisers join up
(Village Soup GM Derek Anderson-1:24 minutes)

  Why starting with a website first was best
(Village Soup founder Rich Anderson-0:46 seconds)

  Using Soup from Wisconsin -- and hourly
(Rusty Brace, Rockland Chamber-1:01 minutes)

Ex-Publisher Rusty Brace on who uses Village Soup
Auto dealer Tammy Kolmosky on how she uses Village Soup

Other important sources of audio/visual material about the future of journalism and participatory media include: 
On the 
MediaMinutes ( 

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"The Media Giraffe Project was launched with the collaboration of The Giraffe Heroes Project, a separate organization that since 1982 has been moving people to stick their necks out for the common good." Top of Page

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Multimedia learning resources from The Media Giraffe Project
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