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Barbara Bry
Voice of San Diego
San Diego, CA

111 Elm St. - Suite 205
San Diego, CA 92101
Work: (619) 325-0525

Photo Linked From: http://www.alumni.hbs.edu/bulletin/2001/october/img/bry.jpg

local news site opened early 2005

Profile by Kristin Sauve
Media Giraffe Project Researcher

The non-profit Voice of San Diego is serves as a credible news and information source for the San Diego region, from Tijuana to Orange County.

The website includes an interactive forum that encourages participation from its readers. According to the website the Voice of San Diego, “serves as a vital resource center to help readers make better choices about everyday topics, encourages civic participation through an interactive forum…, provides courageous reporting on a region not fully understood or reported by existing media.”

The Voice of San Diego launched Feb. 9, 2005. The website touches on news topics relevant to the San Diego region, including sections on, boarder issues, business, education, environment, government, housing, and lifestyle.Current funding for the organization is provided by individuals and foundations from the San Diego area, “a structure which allows the Voice to be independent and non-partisan.” As for long-term sustainability, funding will be provided through a combination of corporate sponsorships as well as individual donations.

The Voice uses Kintera software, which is a content management system that provides software for non-profit groups. The site designer is Hollis Brand Communications, a local designer in the San Diego area.

The Voice’s editor-in-chief is Barbara Bry, a former LA Times and San Diego Bee business and political writer. Bry has also worked for 10 years at UCSD Connect, an entrepreneurship center. During her stay at UCSD she developed signature programs, such as the forum created for biotechnology companies to be able to get corporate partnership, and UCSD Athena, the premier organization for women technology executives and entrepreneurs in the San Diego area. Bry was also the co-founder of Atcom, a corporation that developed high speed internet access in hotel rooms.

Bry was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and attended the University of Pennsylvania as and undergraduate. Bry then went on to receive her MBA from Harvard Business School. VIEW HBS PROFILE

Bry credits her mother, the late Adalee Bry, who was also a writer, as having a great influence on her life and career. Bry says her motivation for being part of the Voice of San Diego team is, “the opportunity to make a difference in San Diego by providing news and information… creating a competitive media market.” As for personal risk associated with being part of the Voice Bry says, “I want this to be a success,” adding that she is “emotionally tied-up” to the project.

Bry believes that there are three things necessary in fostering participatory democracy. The important aspects of doing such, she stated, “Starts with providing news, information, analysis, and different viewpoints.” She added that there should be, “an interactive component, for example letters to the editor.” “Doing more with interactivity, as far as a readers forum,” she finished, is an extremely important detail.

According to Bry, the biggest problem in journalism today is a, “herd mentality, the unwillingness to think independently.” “So much news is from television,” she said contributes to, “a lack of resources.”

Bry believes that the Voice of San Diego could be replicated in other communities around the country, if it is done on a smaller scale considering the population in her region is extremely large compared to other cities. She believes that, “with backing from community… it could be done for under $10 thousand,” if done in a smaller area.

Bry currently resides in San Diego with her husband, Neil Senturia, and their four children.


Through 2006, Bry is an entrepreneur in residence at the University of California San Diego. Below from http://www.voiceofsandiego.org/site/pp.asp?c=euLTJbMUKvH&b=278136:

Voice of San Diego, a nonprofit public benefit organization is an independent and interactive web news and information source for San Diego. It's mission is "to provide readers with an independent and credible source of relevant news and information that:

  • serves as a vital resource center to help readers make better choices about everyday topics
  • encourages civic participation through an interactive forum that offers diverse perspectives
  • provides courageous reporting on a region not fully understood or reported by existing media.

    Barbara Bry, a former Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee business and political writer, next spent 10 years at UCSD CONNECT where she developed the signature programs for which this internationally recognized entrepreneurship center is known. She is also the founder of UCSD Athena, San Diego’s premier organization for women technology executives and entrepreneurs. A successful entrepreneur, she was a co-founder of Atcom, which pioneered high speed internet access in hotel rooms, and she was on the founding team of Proflowers.com, now known as Provide Commerce, which completed its initial public offering in December 2003.

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