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Farai Chideya
Founder, Director
PopandPolitics.com -- CIIJ at SFSU
San Francisco, CA

c/o CIIJ San Francisco State Univ., Humanities 307
1600 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132

"My mother recently retired as a Baltimore City Public Schools teacher. The city schools, always vulnerable, are now running a $25 million deficit. The system laid off a thousand workers and is asking teachers to agree to pay cuts and unpaid furlough days. In Portland , Oregon , where several friends live, the city schools closed two weeks early in 2003 due to budget deficits. This country needs help—all of our help. For me, saving this country is personal. And you?"

Farai Chideya, in the preface to her 2004 book, "Trust: Reaching the 100 Million Missing Voters."

Photo Linked From: http://faraichideya.com/images/farai.jpg

Multi-media journalist and former Political Analyst at CNN; currently Correspondent/Substitute Host on NPR's News & Notes with Ed Gordon


Farai Chideya is a multi-media journalist who has worked in print, television, and online. She hosts Your Call Radio on San Francisco 's KALW 91.7 FM. In conjunction with San Francisco State University , she is also re-launching Pop and Politics, an online journal of news and opinion founded in 1995. Chideya and PopandPolitics.com have won awards including a MOBE IT Innovator award, being named one of Alternet's New Media Heroes, and placing number seven in PoliticsOnline.com's worldwide survey of 25 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics.

Of her latest book, "Trust: Reaching the 100 Million Missing Voters," Gloria Steinhem wrote: ""Farai Chideya poses a question that's central to this country, and, given our world dominance, to almost every other country: Why is the U.S. the least participatory democracy in history?"

Chideya has been a correspondent for ABC News, anchored the prime time program "Pure Oxygen" on the Oxygen women's channel, and contributed commentaries to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and BET. In 1997 Newsweek named her to its "Century Club" of 100 people to watch.

Chideya has published three books. Don't Believe the Hype: Fighting Cultural Misinformation About African Americans (Plume Penguin, 1995), is now in its eighth printing. The Color of Our Future (William Morrow, 1999), explores the changing racial identities of America 's teens, and her travels from the Crow reservation in Montana to a ninety-nine percent white Indiana town to South Central Los Angeles. The Color of Our Future was named one of the best books for teens by the New York Public Library. It and Don't Believe the Hype are featured in college curricula across the country. Chideya's new book, Trust: Reaching the 100 Million Missing Voters (Soft Skull, 2004), shows why half of Americans are cut out of the political system--and what we can do about it. Learn more about Chideya's books here. In 1996, Chideya completed a Freedom Forum Media Studies Center fellowship, examining why young Americans are tuning out the news. In 2001-2002, she was a Knight Fellow at Stanford University . She has published articles in newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, Time, Spin, Vibe, O, Mademoiselle and Essence.

Also see interview with Farai Chideya "New member of the CIIJ family: PopandPolitics.com founder and author expounds on how to use media to reach the 100 million missing voters" by Lena-Nsomeka Gomes.

An earlier bio o f Farai Chideya is on the Pop + politics website: http://www.popandpolitics.com/bio.cfm:

From the Pop + Politics website http://www.popandpolitics.com/html/fundlink.html:

"Look, if you're anything like me, you've had it up to here with politics. It's hard to keep reading more about what's going wrong than what is and could be right. You might not see anyone who looks like you doing political coverage. You might be sick of hearing politics played as some Beltway game. You might be looking for a place that can link what's happening in government to media and pop culture. If so, welcome. PopandPolitics.com has been providing provocative coverage from new writers and thinkers for eight years. Now we need your help."

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