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Liane Casten
Chicago Media Watch
Evanston, IL
P.O. Box 6496
Evanston, IL 60204
Work: 773-604-1910

Aims to ensure that media in the Chicago region is responsive to citizens' needs.

From the Chicago Media Watch website:

Chicago Media Watch aims to ensure that this region's media remains open, honest and responsive to the people's needs.

We support diverse viewpoints in both local and global media. We encourage activist efforts for increasing corporate media accountability and for citizens to build their own noncommercial media. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, Chicago Media Watch Report, as well as hold conferences and seminars on media analysis and alternative media.

We do not receive advertising, corporate donations or foundation grants. We need your assistance to continue the good work that we do.


Media Literacy

Working Statement:

A meaningful way of addressing media monopolies is to enter the schools (high school through college) and teach critical media literacy.

The CMW Media Literacy Group will serve as a network for teachers, principals, and community members.